King of the Ashes

by Static Death

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You are the modern day Crassus profiting from doom.
Raping the planet to fill your golden tomb.
Cold, calculating appraisal of worth.
An imagined value placed on the earth.
Distorted perception disparaging the poor.
A monstrous appetite and still craving more.
Narcissistic valuation of self.
Thinking that you're a god because of your wealth.

Hideously parasitic worm of greed.
Hungry for more than you'll ever need.
You're a disgusting blight on our species.
A glaring reminder of our weakness.
Now you're buying the leaders and buying the wars.
Lobbyists and congressmen will be your whores.
Rapine and fire are the tools of Crassus.
You would watch the world burn to be the king of the ashes.

The house of cards
On which you stand
Collapses into
Trinitite sand
Waves of fear
Will pull you in
When your wealth
Is sunbleached grins

When the next great extinction
Has begun
When the earth burns out
Before the sun
You drove the gears of war
Purging hungry mouths
Stoking flames of hatred
Never to go out.

What will your money buy now?
Trying to stop the wheel
But you don't know how
When you find yourself alone
With the desolation
Witnessing the end
By your creation

When the sky is black with smoke
And the ash falls like snow

All the money there was to have
Couldn't buy you a second chance
We will come to your tower like a flood
Sated by nothing else but your blood

Your greed has awoken this beast
Coming to give you a golden feast
We will bring the flood down on you
and show you what hearts filled with hate can do


released February 10, 2017



all rights reserved


Static Death Tooele, Utah

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